Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Priest & A Lad

There was once a lad who had been scholastic study abroad for a very long time before returning to his hometown. Upon his return, he asked his parents to find any teacher, or priest or anybody that would be capable of answering 3 of his questions.

At last, his parents found the man.
Lad: Who are you? And would you be able to answer my questions?
Priest: I am a servant of God and through His Will, I shall answer your questions
Lad: Are you sure? Even proffesors can't answer my questions
Priest: I shall do my best on answering them
Lad: I have 3 questions
1. If God exist, show him to me
2. What is it that is called Fate?
3. If Devil is created out of fire, then why is it that they are banished in hellish fire? It would not hurt them i suppose, since they are of the same element.
Has God ever think that far?

All of a sudden, the priest slapped the lad very hard.
Lad: Why are you angry at me?
Priest: I am not angry at all...that is my answer to three of your questions
Lad: I don't get it
Priest: How does the slap feel?
Lad: Of course it is painful
Priest: So you do believe that pain exist?
Lad: Yes
Priest: Show the pain to me
Lad: I can't
Priest: That is my answer to your first question. All of us can feel God presence without seeing him.
Priest: Did you dream of being slapped by me last night? Have you ever thought that you would get a slap from me today? That's what I call fate
Priest: What is the hand that I used to slap you made of?
Lad: Skin
Priest: What is your cheek made of?
Lad: Skin
Priest: But you feel pain don't you? Even if devils are made of fire and hell is of fire, if it is of God's desire, then Hell would be hell for devils.

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