Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Concert

A mother brought her son, who was still in kindergarten to go see a concert. In that pretty big concert, the performers enthusiastically displayed their skills. Along the concert, the mother secretly observed how the son behave. She saw him watching the performance very seriously, not noisy at all, nor requesting to get home.

Moreover, his two innocent eyes keep watching the conductor leading the show. The mother thought in her head, probably her son would be a good conductor, even so young but showing so much interest watching the conductor.

After a long time, finally son broke the silence, "Mom, why is the uncle standing in front there with his small stick keep frightening that singing woman?"
"Which uncle, son?"
"The one who stood in the middle there is the conductor who instruct the performers how the concert should be carried out," the mother answered patiently.
"That one, look, that is the proof! That uncle is scarying that woman. He is holding that small stick then he wave it here and there, which cause that auntie over there keeps on screaming that her eyes almost pop out and her neck was strecthed far," The son explained very confidently.The mother grrr, how to explain huh?

Tolerate others' when they do not understand. Everyone possess their own world of knowledge and understanding. When trying to convey something, do it in loving way towards the other person. Do not force our own model of world into others. Instead, to convey it effectively, we would have to approach it from the other person's model of world