Friday, August 29, 2008

Yesterday's Food

 Once there was a very rich merchant, doing well in business. His wife died long ago. He had one married son. His daughter-in-law was very wise and expert in house hold works. He was very much proud of her. Once he was having lunch at his verandah when a monk came to his door asking for some food. The merchant didn't pay attention as he never used to give anything to such kind of people. The monk asked again and didn't get any reply. As he was asking third time, the daughter-in-law replied politely - "Dear babaji, go to next door. My father-in-law is himself having yesterday's food. He will not be able to give you anything."

 The monk understood and went ahead. But as the merchant heard these words spoken by the girl, he became very much angry with her. He was the richest person in the village. Why would he eat yesterday's food? The girl must have become insane - he thought. As he was very much proud of her wise ness, so his anger was even greater. How did it come he didn't realize this girl's insanity? He summoned panchaayat (village court) and girl's father that the girl was out of her mind and his son would break this marriage tie.

 As people gathered in panchaayat, he told the event and asked for justice which was to untie the marriage in his point of view. The girl's father was also present. He said-" I know my daughter is wise enough not to speak any meaningless words. But I am unable to understand its meaning. So I would request her to come and explain why she said so. It is not wise to give a decision without hearing her."

 The panchaayat agreed on it and the girl came to panchaayat. She said -" I know my father-in-law is the richest and most respected person in this village. What I wanted to say that he has done much good deeds in his previous lives that is why he got these wonderful blessings from GOD which he is enjoying now. In this way it is his yesterday's earned food. But he is not doing any good deeds in this life, but only earning money for himself. I love him very much and want him to enjoy these blessings forever. I wanted to tell him this truth that is why I said so. I knew he would be angry and would like to get an explanation, and then maybe I will be able to tell him."

 The merchant understood the real meaning of the words and felt very much ashamed to bring his wise daughter-in-law in court. He apologized and started doing some actual good deeds for others.

It is general practice that people either enjoy their present blessings or they feel inferior while seeing others having more possessions in life. People always think why other has more wealth, why they are more intelligent. They forget that each and everything is our own earning. Whatever we earned, we are eating now. And whatever we are doing will come to us in future, be it material treasures or spiritual.

 In the same way people enjoy their current position. They laugh at others who don't have intellect, money and other thing. They enjoy even their spiritual status, but they forget that if they will not work at present, their current treasure would be slowly spent.

We should work for tomorrow while we are enjoying present.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Four Frogs

Four frogs sat upon a log that lay floating on the edge of a river. Suddenly the log was caught by the current and swept slowly down the stream. The frogs were delighted and absorbed, for never before had they sailed. At length the first frog spoke, and said, "This is indeed a most marvellous log. It moves as if alive. No such log was ever known before."

 Then the second frog spoke, and said, "Nay, my friend, the log is like other logs, and does not move. It is the river that is walking to the sea, and carries us and the log with it."

 And the third frog spoke, and said, "It is neither the log nor the river that moves. The moving is in our thinking. For without thought nothing moves." And the three frogs began to wrangle about what was really moving.

 The quarrel grew hotter and louder, but they could not agree.Then they turned to the fourth frog, who up to this time had been listening attentively but holding his peace, and they asked his opinion.

 And the fourth frog said, "Each of you is right, and none of you is wrong. The moving is in the log and the water and our thinking also." And the three frogs became very angry, for none of them was willing to admit that his was not the whole truth, and that the other two were not wholly wrong.

 Then a strange thing happened. The three frogs got together and pushed the fourth frog off the log into the river.