Friday, December 19, 2008

Cliff of the Lily

Once,somewhere near a deep isolated cliff, a very young lily flower sprouted out of the earth. But it was still very young at its age that it looked just like an ordinary weed. Regardless of so, the young sprout was confident that one day it will turn into a beautiful eye-captivating lily flower.

However, the weeds around it laugh at the lily. Even the birds and the insects advised the lily to stop dreaming itself becoming such a beautiful flower. They said, "Let's say that you can blossom out into a beautiful lily flower, but as you are located in this isolated cliff, nobody would come and admire your beauty." Upon hearing those, the lily just kept quiet at them. Instead it made the lily become more determined to make better use of the ground water and the sun ray to grow further.

Finally, in a morning of a spring, the lily had its first blossom growing. The lily flower was very happy that its effort was not in vain and it motivated the lily and it boosted its self-confidence. The lily said to itself, "I shall blossom into a beautiful lily flower. My duty as a flower is to blossom and to flower. Regardless of whether there will be people there to enjoy my existence or not, i must blossom and flower according to my true nature as a lily flower."

Day by day, time passed. Finally, the lily flower blossomed and from it spread a very fragrant smell. Now the beauty of its white flower can be seen perfectly. Since then, the weeds, birds and insects did not dare anymore to make fun of it.

The lily itself kept on growing and strengthening its roots and stalks that just in matter of several yaers the cliff was covered with a field of white lily flowers. The isolated cliff then had became a very beautiful lily garden. The place which was before quiet had become destinations of many people who came to see it. From the nearby towns and villages, people come to enjoy the sight of the beautiful lily flowers. Now, the people named the place, "Cliff of the Lily"....

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