Monday, February 03, 2014

Old Photos- Various Vintage Photos - Part 128

A Snake-Charmer at the Mela - Chota Nagpur c1900

A Temple at Pandra, Chota Nagpur c1900

Chutia Temple - Chota Nagpur 1903

Gama and his brother Imam Baksh square off during an exhibition match held in front of the Red Fort, New Delhi, circa 1940s

Girls and Musicians at a Santal Dacne - Chota Nagpur c1900

Hook Swinging at the Churuk Puja - Chota Nagpur 1903

Pahelwans in Hyderabad, c 1870

Santal Women Carrying Pitchers from the Well - Chota Nagpur c1900

Small Temple at the Foot of Jagannath Temple - Near Ranchi, Chota Nagpur 1903

Some Followers of the Prophet Birsa Munda being Escorted to Jail by the Police - Chota Nagpur C1900

The Main Street, Chaibasa - Chota Nagpur c1900

The Manjhi Than - Chota Nagpur c1900

The Saheb Bandh - Purulia, Chota Nagpur c1900

The Temple of Jagannath - Near Ranchi, Chota Nagpur 1903

Travelling on The Grand Trunk Road on Foot - Chota Nagpur c1900

Travelling on The Grand Trunk Road. Riding a Native Tat (Pony) - Chota Nagpur c1900

Tribal Women on their Way to Assam Tea Gardens - c1900

Two Men Carrying a Dooli - Chota Nagpur c1900

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  1. hi, can I have prints of some of these photos? I love them