Friday, August 16, 2013

Old Photos- Various Vintage Photos - Part 105

A family of pavement dwellers rests outside their hut built from tarpaulin and straw stretched over fruit boxes - Calcutta (Kolkata) 1970

A man pouring water into the hands of another - Calcutta (Kolkata) 1962

Mallick's Marble Palace_ Free Meal has been handing out for about 125 Years to Generations to Homeless and Hungry Pavement Dwellers - Calcutta (Kolkata) 1974


Chowringhee Street Scene - Calcutta (Kolkata) c1910

East Pakistani refugees, belongings on their heads, make their way toward Calcutta (Kolkata) - 1971


Poor people of Howrah (Near Calcutta) live and cook on sidewalks - 1947

Refugee Woman Living in Pipe - Calcutta (Kolkata) 1959

Bengal Club - Calcutta (Kolkata) c1910

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