Saturday, April 27, 2013

Old Photos-Various Vintage Photos-Part 76
Ascetics or sadhus seated, possibly near Chandpal Ghat, Kolkata
Riverside scene with bathers, Chandpal Ghat, Kolkata
Crowded riverside with bathers, Chandpal Ghat, KolkatavBathers reached the river through tunnels under the railway line
Seated ascetic or sadhu reciting from book, possible pilgrim, Kolkata
Chotulal's Ghat, Kolkata
Riverside scene with bathers, looking north from Chatulal's Ghat towards Ram Chandra Goenka's Zenana (ladies) ghat, Kolkata
Seated Ascetic or sadhu in front of a Brick House - Exact Location Unknown, Probably in Calcutta (Kolkata) - c1912-14
Riverbank with bathers and ship, probably from Chandpal Ghat, Kolkata
Crowded riverside with bathers and ferry near Chandpal Ghat, Kolkata_ The jetty collapsed in the 1950's
Seated group of sadhus at Chandpal Ghat, Kolkata
Chotulal's Ghat, Kolkata
Seated ascetics playing musical instruments, possibly pilgrims to a festival

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