Friday, January 04, 2013

Old Photos- Various Vintage Photos- Part 39
Precipices near Nynee Tal, outer range of Himalaya overlooking plain by Samuel Bourne 1865
View near Teranda, Himalaya by Samuel Bourne in 1863
Wanga Valley, Himalaya 1863 by Samuel bourne
Portrait of a Sinhalese Gentleman - 1880's
 Portrait of a Sinhalese girl Wearing Ornaments - 1880's
Albumen Photograph of a Indian Family with Children - 1870's
Family Photograph of a Kandyan chief - Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1880's
Kandy Girls Wearing Jewellery - Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1880's

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  1. Portrait of a Sinhalese girl Wearing Ornaments - 1880's

    This is Wrong,She is not a Sinhalese girl,She is a Tamil girl,Sinhalese do not wear nose rings,If you haven't seen a Sinhalese girl see this.