Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Photos- Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi Leaves Jail in 1878

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in Traditional Costume of a Village Belle on the way to a well during the Republic Day Festivities - 1980

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi Joins Folk Dancers during Festivities Marking Republic Day in New Delhi - 1980

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi Chats with Defence Minister Y. B. Chavan in Jaipur During a National Meeting of the Governing Congress Party - 1966

Indira Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India, is greeted by admiers in New Delhi on her 63rd birthday (November 19). There are elections in India in January and Mrs. Gandhi is seeking to regain her old post - 1979

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with Two Golden Retrievers - 1968

Britain's Prince Charles Chats with India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi During a Banquet - 1980

India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru Welcomes Chou En-Lai of China at New Delhi Palam Airfield - 1954

Portrait of Indira Gandhi - 1978