Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love Never Dies

When Nazi did the holocaust in Germany by burying alive the Jews, there also spread a story of undying love.

A mother and her daughter happened to be captured as well, soon to be buried alive together along with the other thousands of Jews. The little girl did not understand and had no idea at all what was going to happen to her and her mother. She just kept playing and singing out her innocent heart.

After being tired of playing around, the little girl returned back to the camp. She was not able to find her mother any longer. In her innocent world, she still have not understand yet what was death, even more of what dying a horrible tragic death was. She waited and waited, when is her dear mother going to come back. In her wait, she had persistent faith that mom would surely returned, so that she would be able to hear again her lullaby.

The next day was supposed to be her turn. She faced all that fully with her innocent heart till she reach the hole of where she was going to be buried. When she was about to be dragged to the hole, her soft voice said to the muscular soldier in charge, "Mister, please don't put me in too deep ok, just put me in near the surface, so that when mommy comes, she will still see me waiting for her here.

Love is undying. Violence, brutality can only bury and destroy the body, but it cannot towards love. Love never dies.

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