Monday, April 28, 2008

The Rich man & The Poor man

A weak and starving dervish once begged at the door of a rich man.'Away with you' said the wealthy man in proud anger, you will get nothing from me!'

How the dervish's heart bled at this. 'It's astonishing that such a man should be so severe', he said. 'It is obvious that he has had no experience of begging.'

'Is he gone?' shouted the rich man to his slave. 'If not, go and clear him from my door.' The slave came out and drove the dervish away.

The rich man behaved like that, because he was not truly grateful to the one who pervades all. Circumstances soon changed for the rich man. His fortunes altered dramatically and suddenly and he was ruined. He was not even left with an ass upon which he could carry his personal belongings - which was perhaps as well because he hadn't any.

Then he sat in a dusk, naked, with an empty purse at is feet. The slave was sold to another master. The new master who was also rich but there the similarity to his old master ended, for this one was old and generous to all, rich in goods and in heart. When he saw a poor man, he rejoiced at the opportunity to be generous. He was delighted t give as the poor man was to receive.

One night he herd a cry at the door. 'A morsel, please I beg, one morsel!' 'Slave', said the kind man, ' Take that tray from the table. Go and gladden the beggar's heart..'

The slave did as he was ordered. He returned with tears flooding down his cheeks. 'What is the matter?' the master asked. 'It is the beggar.' the slave cried. ' I have just recognized him. He was my old master.. He once owned vast property, silver and gold. But now, look at him, a destitute beggar.'

'Don't be distressed, my son', said the master.. 'You see here two examples of how in the course of time, no one is treated unfairly. You recognized your master. Do you not also recognise in me the starving dervish whom he once ordered to be thrown out into the street?'

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