Friday, March 14, 2008

The Feathers

 There was a man who slandered a friend, all because of the envy he had on him for the success he had reached.Time after, he repented of the ruin he brought with his calumnies on that friend, and he visited a highly wise man to whom he said,"I want to fix all the evil I did to my friend, how can I do it?"

 To what the man responded, "Take a sack full of small and light feathers and get one loose on any place you go."The man very happy for that so easy thing took the sack full of feathers and at the end of one day he had turned them all loose. He returned to the sage and said, "I have finished. "

 To this the sage answered," That is the easiest part. Now you have to go back to fill the sack with the same feathers you've got lost. Go the the road and search for them."The man felt very sad since he knew what that meant and could not find almost anything.

 When returning, the wise man said to him,"As you could not get again the feathers which flew with the wind, likewise the evil you did flew from mouth to mouth and the damage is already done."

So forgiveness is the only thing that will make your sack filled with feathers again!

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