Friday, February 15, 2008

The Carpentry Work

  It was told that at one time there was a strange assembly in a carpentry. It was a meeting of tools to fix their differences.

 The Hammer was named Director of Debates, but the assembly notified him that he had to resign: The cause, he was too noisy! And he was spending his time pounding.

 The Hammer accepted guilty, but asked that also were expulsed The Screw, he said that they had to do him make many turns to make him serve of something. Before the attack The Screw accepted too, but at the same time asked the expulsion of the Sand Paper. He made them see that she was very rough in the treatment of others and always had frictions with the other ones.

And the Sand Paper agreed, on condition that were expulsed The Tape that always spend the time measuring others according to his measure, as if he were the only one perfect.

 At that moment came in the carpenter and started his work. He used The Hammer, The Sand Paper, The Tape, and The Screw. Finally, the initial rustic wood was transformed into a pretty furniture.

 When the carpentry was again alone, the assembly restarted its deliberation, it was then when The Saw took the floor and said: Gentlemen, it was demonstrated that we have defects, but the carpenter works with our qualities. That makes us valuable.

 So let's stop thinking on our bad points and let's concentrate in the usefulness of our good points. The assembly then found that The Hammer was strong, The Screws joint and gave reinforcement, The Sand Paper was special to polish and file down roughness and observed that The Tape was precise and exact.

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