Monday, December 17, 2007

The Porcupine

 During the Glacial Age, many animals died of cold. The porcupine, noticing this situation, agreed to live in groups; this way they gave warmth and protection to each other. But the thorns hurt the closest neighbors, just those that gave them warmth. And because of that, they separated from each other.

 But they felt cold again and had to take a decision: either they disappear from the face of the earth or they accept the thorns of their neighbors. With wisdom, they decided to go back and live together.

 They learned thus to live with the small wounds that a close relationship could make, because what was really important was the warmth of the other. And in so doing they survived.

 The best relationship is not that which unites perfect people, but that one where each one accepts the defects of others and forgives their own.

Many things in our surroundings would heal faster if we, truly, let go of resentment, hate, pride, anger, and selfishness. Each one of them silently stop us of our evolution.

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