Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Child Of The King

 During the days of the French Revolution that saw King Louis XVI and his queen beheaded, history records an amazing event. After the public execution, the frenzied mob called for the dauphin: "Bring out the prince," they cried. "He's next." The lad was terrified. The prince was only six years old, but he was in line to become the next king, so he, too, had to be eliminated.

 According to the storytellers, the young prince stood on the platform trembling in his black velvet coat and patent
leather shoes.Long golden curls tumbled down over his shoulders. The mob cried, "Down with royalty! Eliminate all
royalty! Off with his head! Kill the prince!"

 Suddenly from out of the crowd came another cry: "Don't kill him. You'll only send his soul to heaven. That's too good for royalty. I say, turn him over to Meg, the old witch. She'll teach him to steal, to lie, he'll roam the streets as a tramp, and when he dies, his soul will go to hell. That's what royalty deserves!"

 So the story goes, that's the advice the mob took. They turned the lad over to old Meg. This vile woman of the back alleys began to teach him bad words. But history tells us that every time this wicked woman prompted the prince to be pro- fane, he would stubbornly stamp his little feet, clench his fist and declare, "I will not say it. I will not say those words. I WAS BORN TO BE A KING, AND I WON'T TALK THAT WAY!"

Who are You? Are you a child of the king? Are you living that way?

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