Monday, July 09, 2007

The Farmer & The Pig

A journalist became lost on the back roads and stopped at a farm to get directions. As he was talking to the farmer he noticed a pigwith a wooden leg. "How did the pig get a wooden leg?" he asked the farmer.

"Well", said the farmer, "that's a very special pig. One night nottoo long ago we had a fire start in the barn, and that pig set up a great squealing that woke everyone, and by the time we got there he had herded all the other animals out of the barn. Saved 'em all."

"And that was when he hurt his leg?" asked the journalist anxiousfor a story.

"Nope, he pulled through that just fine." said the farmer.

"Though a while later, I was back in the woods when a bearattacked me. Well, sir, that pig was near by and he came runningand set on that bear and chased him off. Saved me fer sure."

"Wow! So the bear injured his leg then?" questioned the journalist.

"Nope. He came away without a scratch. Though a few dayslater, my tractor turned over in a ditch and I was knockedunconscious. Well, that pig dove into the ditch and pulled me out before I got cut up in the machinery."

"Ahh! So his leg got caught by the combine?" asked the newsman."Noooope. We both walked away from that one." says the farmer.

"So how did he get the wooden leg?" the reporter quized.

"Well", the farmer replied, "A pig that good, you can't eat all at once."

It's a rough life in the world with few rewards. Most bosses and college professors, justifiably, have a "What have you done for me today" mentality.Hold steady, keeping the faith. It is possible to store riches in heaven while on the earth DESPITE THE DIFFICULTIES HERE. Never give up loving others even when they use you.

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