Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Value of a Smile

Several years ago, I became very depressed. I had gone through several months of trauma with my left eye. Finally the doctors told me I would_never_see out of it again. This was most the devastating news I have ever received. I felt so alone and isolated. That night I found myself at a railway station, waiting for the next train to come along so I could jump in front of it. Then this elderly gentleman appeared and sat on the seat next to me. He turned to me and smiled. He then said, "You look like you need a friend to chat with." We sat at that station for hours just chatting like old buddies. At no stage was it mentioned why I was there. But his words were so kind and heartfelt. As our chat came to a conclusion, he gave me the most beautiful hug I will ever remember.

Then as he walked to get on a train, he gave me another of his big smiles and said, "Remember, when you smile, it is because the angels are lifting the corners of your mouth up to heaven." With that, he gave me a wink and disappeared onto the train. I was_never_to see him again except every day in my memories. It took this act of kindness from a stranger for me to feel that I am a valuable person. A simple smile an brighten anyone's day. Smile at the next stranger you pass in the street. Not only will they be compelled to smile back. Your heart will be filled with happiness,too.

You can't change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future

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