Monday, January 08, 2007

The Precious Stone

There was a king who was a follower of a Saint. Once his Guruji asked him to show his treasure. The king felt very happy & personally went & showed Guruji each & every corner of his rich treasure. It was a huge collection of Diamonds, Rubies & other precious stones.

The Guruji asked " How much profit you make from these stones?" King "Nothing. Infact I have to spend a lot on keeping a tight security around them" Guruji "Let me show you a stone even more precious than these." King found a good way of spending some more time with his Guruji & started walking with him.

After a long walk, they reached near the house of an old widow. She was making flour using a grind-stone. Guruji smiled & said to the king "This very stone makes flour for hungry people & also helps this old lady make a living. Isn't this more precious than all of your stones?"

There is a great difference between being expensive & being useful. What you call precious is only what you believe is expensive, those stones have no value otherwise. This old rugged grind stone is helping people make a living while your stones are wasting lot of unneccessary money just on security.

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